How to scrap a car in Toronto?

Steps to find out how to scrap your car in Toronto, Ontario

It might be a little confusing process if you are scrapping a car for the first time. You should begin this process by searching terms like how to scrap my car in Toronto” “scrap my car near me” “junk my car for cash” “get top dollar for my scrap car“. Once you gather enough information about scrap car removal companies in GTA, you should follow the below steps:

Step1: Prepare scrap car information

Before you schedule your appointment with professional car scrappers, keep information like car manufacturer details, model, type of wheels, description of the vehicle ready. In some cases, auto recyclers also ask to share a photo of the scrap vehicle.

How to scrap a car in Toronto

Step2: Ask for a quote for junk car

Find scrap car removal near you and ask them for a free, no obligation quote. But Beware – there are many car scrapping companies providing fake quotes. These companies, they schedule to pick up a car at a higher quote, but later do not honor the given quotes. They end up paying way less than a fair price for your scrap car.

Scrap4Cash always explain to their customers why they are getting a low or a high quote, and never share a false quote.

Scrap Car Removal Quote

Step3: Schedule a time for pick-up and removal of scrap car

Once you are happy with the quote, book a time to schedule your car. When you schedule an appointment with Scrap4Cash, you get the benefit of scheduling pick-up as per your convivence. We are open all days a week and work around the clock. No days off. 24/7.

Again, beware of frauds- when you don’t accept their low quotes, they might charge you for pick-up. Most of the companies, like Scrap4Cash, always give free pick-ups and scrap car removal.

Towing a scrap car in Toronto

Step4: Remove all your belongings and prepare for pick-up

Before we pick-up, the scrap car, make sure you take out all your personal belongings out of the cars. Once you hand us the vehicle to scrap, there are very fewer chances of you getting back any belongings you left in the vehicle. You can even remove your license plate, We also can help you out to do that.

Remove Personal Belongings

Step5: Transfer ownership of the scrap car

This is the final step in this process. Once you get cash for a scrap car, you will sign the ownership document and hand it over to the car scrapper.  Since you are selling off the vehicle, you will need the ownership of the vehicle. Beware if you have a lien on vehicle you have to pay the outstanding balance before you transfer the ownership.

Transfer The Car Ownership in Toronto

Feel free to Contact Us or get an instant Online Quote if you have a scrap car and are located in GTA.