Scrap Car Removal FAQ

Find out more before you send your car to junkyard

Most of the scrap cars get between $350-$600, depending upon the stock market prices. The price range is generally between $350- $15000, but that is actually very rare that you would get $15000 to scrap a car. Most of the scrap car falls in the first range of $350-$600.

You should consider scrapping a car when the cost of its repairs exceeds the resale value of the car. You should scrap a car when it’s not suitable for trade-ins, old cars that has been sitting idle for years.

Yes, you can scrap any type of car, regardless of the condition of the vehicle. You can scrap cars that are missing wheels, broken bumper, broken windows, etc. and still get the best price for scrap cars

The procedure to scrap a car in Toronto is very simple. Simply call us, we will share a quote, and schedule a pickup as per your timing.

The Used Vehicle information package is not mandatory when you scrap a car in Ontario.  UVIP is usually for new vehicles.

Yes, you can scrap a leaking car. In fact, this is most the responsible thing to do, because a car is leaking harmful fluids into the environment which directly slips into the land

If an abandoned car is on your private property and has been there for the some time, first you need to call the local police and file it then you can have it towed. Some will do it for free as long as they can claim the vehicle, but others will charge you a fee.

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