Cash For Cars

Do you have an old car sitting in your yard? Or is your car sitting in your parking yard because it's unsuitable for trade-in?


We all have many reasons why we might have stopped using our old car. Having an old rusted car in your yard does not only make your neighborhood ugly, but it’s very harmful to our environment. An idle car still leaks harmful fluids into the land. In fact, one might also be able to sense a foul smell eliminating from your vehicle.

Cash For Cars

Top Dollar For Cars

You might think your old clunker is no good, but it’s still worth some cash. Yes, you are getting cash to remove junk cars. Thanks to programs like Retire Your Ride, you are getting rewarded for responsible behavior. We pay top Cash 4 Cars, regardless of the vehicle of the cars. You may have a car that is missing wheels, a rusted car, a junked car, a broken car, you might wonder “how much cash do I get to scrap my car” or “how much will a junkyard pay me for my junk car”, you can easily bank at least $350 to scrap a car.

Scrap4Cash offers the best and honest Cash For Cars across GTA. We offer free pick-up and scrap car removal. We have our scrapyards across GTA and hence we can pick -up and offer same-day scrap car removal.

Best Cash for Cars when you Retire Your Ride in Toronto! Get $350-$900 for any type of junk cars.

Why you should scrap a car for cash?

You don't drive that car
To release, the cash stuck in the old car
Car is leaking harmful fluids into the environment
Bringing down your property rates
Getting in trouble with local authorities
Car is Rusted
Car is asking for too much of repairs

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