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What do we do?

Do you have extra scrap? Recently broken down car? Don't let that drying machine go to the trash! We will take any scraps you have, recycle them, and pay you money! Whether you just need some extra cash, or you are looking for somewhere to put your metal junk, we have you covered. Simply call us and our flatbed truck will be there!


Direct Exchange

Exchange your junk directly! Same-day pickup, no trouble. We will drive to you and do the paperwork!


Sick of uncleared checks, credit card fraud, and back-alley deals? We will give you actual cash for your scrap!



Access us from anywhere! Simply give us a call and we will pick up your automobile on our flatbed truck for free.



Trusted Industry Professionals

Over two years of industry (circa 2016) and ten years of business experience. You can be confident that your scrap exchange is handled with care, precision, and speed. We offer the best prices for cars, dishwashers, dryers, and other scrap metal that you may have lying around. With Scrap4Cash, you will never throw scrap in the garbage again!


We are licensed professionals who buy and dispose of scrap in a legal and environmentally-friendly manner. Scrap buyers often conduct shady business hiding what they do with their scrap. We pride ourselves on our honesty and forwardness. Simply ask us, and we will let you know exactly what our plans are for your scrap. Prevent fraud, theft, and cash loss - choose Scrap4Cash.

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